HundredTrees’ solution

With our solution you will be able to control the CO2 generated and compensated by you at any time. Integrate HundredTrees to your website with our custom modules for the most famous CMSs, or directly use our well documented API.
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Control your CO2 impact and compensations from your own dashboard

Have a global view of the impact of your business and your compensations. Get an up to date status of your planted trees and certifications.

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Well documented API for a fast custom integration

Thanks to our API you can access the power of our models to estimate the emission of one product. With our paying plans you can even compensate programmatically for any action you want. Let’s build the future together.

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Fast and easy set-up process with our free modules and plugins for your e-commerce

If you own an ecommerce, you can get started with hundred trees in seconds. Just download the free module for shopify, magento, etc and start offering your customers smart compensation for their shopping.

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Check our Emissions Calculator demo and engage its full potential

In order to calculate the CO2 emission generated by any company, we have developed an Emissions Calculator. Do your own simulation test and disover how it works.

Select the correspondent values for your product and simulate the emissions of one order.
~ 0.23kg (CO2)
Responsible tools

The responsible tools of the future

Innovation is one of HundredTrees’ core values. We are a group committed to sustainability and the fight against climate change, that is why we seek to make carbon emission compensation something accessible to everyone.

Thanks to our API, build all kinds of applications that allow emissions compensation for any activity you do. From the CO2 emissions of the products you sell in your ecommerce, to the servers you use to store your website through gamification tools and everything you can think of. Calculate, compensate and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Lets get you started with Hundred Trees

Create an account and start compensating your emissions. At HundredTrees we believe that climate neutrality will be achieved with cooperation.

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Check who’s already compensating

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